Free Network Tools

Free online network tools such as WHOIS, Ping, IP geolocation, DNS lookup, IP reputation,
reverse DNS, MX lookup. Tools for SOCs, CERTs, researchers, webmasters.

Domain/IP Whois

Query Whois database to find domain registration information.

DNS Security Services

Check if a host is blocked by public threat-blocking DNS services.

Online Ping

Free web-based ping tool can help you ping your server or website.

My IP Address

Find your current public IP address assigned by your ISP.

URL/Link Extractor

Extract any URL or link found on a website or web page.

SSL Checker

Find useful information about a website SSL certificate.

HTTP/2 Test

HTTP/2 test tool lets you test if your website supports HTTP/2 protocol.

IP Location Finder

Find where is located an IP address with this IP location finder tool.

Gzip Test

Gzip test tool lets you test if your website supports Gzip compression.

MX Lookup

MX lookup tool lets you view DNS Mail Exchanger Records of a domain.

NS Lookup

NS lookup tool lets you view DNS Name Servers Records of a domain.

TXT Lookup

TXT lookup tool lets you view DNS Text Records of a domain.

Find Website IP

Find website IP tool lets you find what is the IP address of a website.

Htpasswd Creator

Quickly generate htpasswd-compatible (encrypted) passwords.

HTTP Headers

Inspect HTTP / HTTPS response headers of a remote URL.